Mary Shoemaker

Welcome to Chemistry 101. My name is Mary Shoemaker and I'll be the instructor for this introductory course in chemistry.

In addition to Chem 101, I also teach other General Chemistry courses at Penn State’s University Park Campus. My main interests in Chemistry relate to Material Science and the development of laboratory experiments in nanoscience and technology.

Prior to coming to Penn State in 1995, I was Director of Environmental Protection for a large aerospace company that designed and built rocket engines. The environmental protection department made sure that all of the company’s manufacturing operations met environmental regulations for clean water, air emissions, and waste disposal. In some cases, we had to develop new materials to replace hazardous substances. At the same time, I was teaching engineering courses at Cal State University in Northridge, California. Teaching has always been part of my adult life, starting with my first job out of college, which was teaching high school science in the Chicago area.

Did you notice that none of my jobs before joining Penn State had the word “Chemistry” in the title? You will find chemists working in many different industries, and in a variety of professions; from engineering to medicine, from farming to pharmaceuticals. In fact, an understanding of chemistry is a key ingredient to being successful in many careers, maybe even yours!

I hope that you enjoy this chemistry course and that it helps you reach your educational and career goals.

Course TA

Angela Bischof

Hi! My name is Angela Bischof and I will be your teaching assistant for this course.  I have previously assisted in teaching several general chemistry courses at Penn State University and look forward to working with you throughout the semester.  

Besides teaching, I am a fourth year graduate student in the chemistry Ph.D. program with a focus in electron transfer.  Prior to coming to Penn State, I earned a B.S. in Chemistry from Duquesne University in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.     

In my spare time I enjoy extracurricular activities such as swimming, cooking, and playing with my dog, Max.  This semester I hope to help you learn chemistry in a positive and exciting atmosphere.